William Lewis, author of the books 'What's in your Surname?' and 'What's in an English Place-name?'.

Books by William Lewis

What's in an English Place-name? A History of England in Its Place-names

EVERYONE KNOWS OF THE ARTIFACTS of England's distant past from bones and fossils to jewellery and tools are buried beneath the soil of our country and regularly unearthed by archaeologists.

Less appreciated is that there is a quite different historical trail which leads us back through many centuries of our country's history. More>


What's in Your Surname? The Fascinating Story of British Surnames

MOST PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED in their family names and will sometimes wonder about their origins. Some names speak clearly for themselves, while others seem mysterious. Many of us will wonder about the stories behind them, especially if they are unusual. Those of us having British surnames possess that magic thread which leads back nearly a thousand years to a time when surnames were a new idea on this side of the English Channel. More>